Maryland ImmuNet

Maryland ImmuNet is a computerized Internet database application that was developed to record and track immunization dates of Maryland’s children and adults, providing assistance for keeping everyone on track for their recommended immunizations.

ImmuNet is provided by the State of Maryland at no cost. Providers only need a PC with Internet connectivity for access. If your organization has an existing electronic database, you have options to link with ImmuNet. These options include:

  1. Data conversion of existing database via a flat file ASCII text file or HL7 specification to ImmuNet. Then clinicians could use ImmuNet to track clients and immunizations.
  2. Continue to use your existing system and link with ImmuNet via an ASCII text file or a HL7 compliant interface to download immunization data to ImmuNet.
  3. Have clinicians use ImmuNet for data entry and then have ImmuNet send data back to the organization via an ASCII text file or a HL7 compliant interface.
  4. Use HL7 to do real-time queries or updates to ImmuNet from Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System.

Immunization registries are seen as an integral tool for insuring that children and adults receive their immunizations according to recommended schedules. Registries will prevent over-immunizing, which may occur when health care providers are unaware of immunizations administered by other providers. We strongly urge you to use ImmuNet and join us in our efforts to eliminate vaccine preventable diseases in Maryland.