About FIHN

The Frederick Integrated Healthcare Network is a physician lead organization of roughly 275 private practicing physicians in Frederick County Maryland who have formed an organization with Frederick Regional Health System to contract with payors to improve the health of populations of patients while reducing the cost of care. The organization formed in 2014.


  • To work collaboratively with the health system and the support of payors to improve health and services for patients while reducing the rate of increase in the cost of care.


  • Improve safety, quality, cost and the patient experience
  • Develop a physician-led entity that promotes integration & collaboration between community providers and Frederick Regional Health System
  • Enhance care delivery by focusing on access, evidence-based medicine, clinical protocols and care coordination
  • Incentivize all stakeholders to measure and improve the quality of care delivered
  • Adopt business model that ensures long-term sustainability for independent, and employed physicians and Frederick Regional Health System